Every once in a while someone creates a product that does just what you need it to do without overloading you 7,493 features you never asked for, nor ever thought to ask for. Such a product is Proximity from Tokyo Dawn Records. And just as amazing, it’s free.

What Proximity does, which all of us doing virtual orchestration need, is to position an instrument stage front to stage rear with volume correction by simply moving the fader. It has other features, but this is the biggie. To move the sound stage rear, move the fader down. To position more stage front, move the fader up.

So when you’re trying to mix libraries recorded in different rooms, Proximity can be a life saver, especially when paired with Vienna Ensemble Pro with its built-in Power Pan which positions stage left to right.

Put simply, Proximity enables you, for example to get two violin sections to line up as one going stage front to stage rear. You can then use Power Pan to slide left to right to nail the seating.

One other neat feature to Proximity is its built in delay, which you can also use to position stage left to right.

I did a simple test by trying to get the Vienna Flute 1 to “sit next to” Flute 1 in Berlin Woodwinds. Getting these to match required setting Proximity at around -12 to -13.

So if you want to make spatial placement a little easier, check out Proximity, especially while the good hearted folks are making it available for free – for now.