To keep the Professional Orchestration Series up to date for instrumentation notes, I’ve set up the links below.

YouTube Video Channels


Calvin Sieb Bow Techniques With Videos

String Stops
Basic Note and Double Stops
Violin Lessons


Recording Mahler’s Songs

Recording Symphony #8

Inside The Orchestra

Three Questions For Tom Hampson

Debussy: Danse Profane

Danse Profane – Cyprus

Danse Profane (complete) – Haas

Danse Profane (complete) – Remy

Danse Profane VSL Demo

Mahler: Ruckert Lieder

Ruckert Lieder #1 – male vocalist

Ruckert Lieder #1 – female vocalist

Ruckert Lieder # 2 – male vocalist

Ruckert Lieder #2 – female vocalist

Rucket Lieder #3 – male vocalist

Ruckert Lieder #3 – female vocalist

Ruckert Lieder #4 – male vocalist

Ruckert Lieder #4 – female vocalist

Mahler – Symphony #5 Adagietto
World Orchestra For Peace
Concert For The Cure

L’Arlesienne Suite Overture

Performance #1

Performance #2 – Student Ensemble

Performance #3 – Theatre Sized Ensemble

Rhapsodie Espagnole

Ravel: Rhapsodie Espagnole – Prelude of The Night

Ravel: Rhapsodie Espagnole – Malaguena

Ravel: Rhapsodie Espagnole – Habanera

Ravel: Rhapsodie Espagnole – Feria

Writing For Strings 2011

Aaron Copland’s Appalachian Spring Sketches at the U.S. Library of Congress.

Jay Bacal MIDI Mock-up Courtesy Vienna Symphonic Library

Mahler’s Scoring Process


Violin Making

134 D’Addario String Lesson Videos

Types of Violin Strings

String Bows

String Instrument Sizes

String Bass Sizes

Example 2-6

Example 2-6-Bohm

Example 2-7 Kocsis
Example 2-7 Drake
Example 2-7 Mehta
Example 2-7 Von Karajan
Example 2-7 Chung

Example 2-9 Von Karajan
Example 2-9 Dudamel

Example 2-9 Dublin

Example 2-9 Tito

Example 2-9 Lorin

Example 2-9 Celib

Violin Making

Original Violin Design

SoCal Violin Makers

Violin Scale Charts

Making Violins


The Viola Web Site

Viola Articles by Pamela Goldsmith

Viola Articles by Scott Slapin

Cellos (many articles from Cello

International Cello Society

More Cello Articles

Cello Basics

International Society of Bassists

Doublebass Links Page

Pad Bass

Stephen Melillo’s Stormworld


Concert Flute

History of the Flute

Flute History

JL Publishing

History of the Jazz Flute

A History of Holes


Folkers & Powell

Finding Your Flute

Bamboo Flute


Neanderthal Bone Flute

Bone Flute

Three-Hole Flute


Native American Flutes

Love Flutes

Native American Flute

Pan Flute

History of The Pan Flute


Philharmonia Orchestra – Tips

English Horn

English Horn for Oboists

What’s an English Horn?

Let’s Play English Horn

Oboe/English Horn Fingering Chart


International Clarinet Association

Woodwind Pages

History of The Clarinet



History of the Cornet

Decline of the Cornet – NY Times 1884


Profile of the Trumpet

International Trumpet Guild

History of the Trumpet

History of the Jazz Trumpet

Latin Style Trumpet

Trumpet Mouthpieces

Trumpet Mutes

Trumpeters and Breathing

Trumpets in the Recording Studio

Trumpet in F

French Horn

Introduction to the French Horn

Cyberhorn Online

Brief History of the French Horn

Horn Players Links

International Horn Society

The Horn Tutor


Introduction to the Trombone

History of the Trombone

Variations on the Trombone

Annotated Bibliography

Trombone Choir History

NY Times Trombone Article

Latin Trombone

Slide Position Chart

Slide Positions Video – YouTube

Bass Trombone

Bass Trombone Online


The Cimbasso Page

History of the Cimbasso

Ophicleide and Cimbasso


Introduction to the Tuba

Wagner Tuba

The Wagner Tuba Online


Snare Drum

Snare Drum – Wikipedia

Vic Firth Snare Drum Rudiments With Audio and Video Examples

Snare Drum Tuning

Snare Drum Overtones

Parts of a Snare Drum

Drummer’s Glossary