Peter Lawrence Alexander is Film Music Magazine’s award winning journalist. He’s an accomplished songwriter, composer and orchestrator. Many of his music books endorsed by winners of the Academy®, Grammy®, Emmy® and G.A.N.G. Awards. Mr. Alexander’s books include: Applied Professional Harmony, Professional Orchestration™, How Ravel Orchestrated: Mother Goose Suite, The Instant Composer: Counterpoint by Fux, Writing for Strings™, How MIDI Works, The Street Smart Guide to Logic 8 and The Street Smart Guide to the Bach Chorales. His historical fiction works for book and stage include The Road of Blood: The Untold Story of The Good Samaritan, and The Unfaithful Wife: The Story of Hosea and Gomer.

Mr. Alexander’s most recent orchestrations include Debussy’s The Little Shepherd Boy, Jimbo’s Lullaby, Sarabande, and Satie’s Gymnopedie #1.

A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Mr. Alexander studied counterpoint privately with Dr. Hugo Norden of Boston University. In Los Angeles he studied orchestration with Dr. Albert Harris, Arthur Morton and Jack Smalley.

While in Los Angeles he was Henry Mancini’s computer tech and understudied with Jerry Goldsmith.

In the field of music technology, he coordinated the L.A. beta test team for the Vienna Symphonic Library’s First and Pro Editions, and co-produced the Modern Symphonic Orchestra for E-MU.

His column Music Technology and You, published in Film Music Magazine and Sonic Control.TV is read by composers and songwriters around the world.