Tonight I went back to refresh some skills and worked on some short chorales in Dorian. Sitting next to me was my trusty music pad and mechanical pencil with 0.7 lead. The first one I did had parallel fifths but I cleaned up my act on the second one. The thing I liked about writing it down in a notebook is that notebooks don’t crash. Neither do pencils. I can also grade my progress and I’m not tied down to the computer with all the file naming and saving that’s involved.

I know. I sound so retro. But it’s just something relaxing about doing music without the “box” staring at you.

However, I did allow myself one concession.

After I wrote my exercises, I keyed them into Sibelius and just played them back with a piano sound. I’d dash out another exercise, then just change the pitches and listen to the playback.

When I was done, I turned it off, then poof, gone. But all my work sits next to me in my trusty notebook.

Now if I don’t spill coffee on it, things will be really cool.