In the process of getting out our 50th Anniversary Edition of Joseph Wagner’s Professional Orchestration: A Practical Handbook, I ran into Lance Bowling of Cambria Music who had been one of Dr. Wagner’s students. Lance is a fountainhead of information. We’ve already spent several hours on the phone. While we were talking about Dr. Wagner, I asked him about this thing on his web site called The Spectratone Chart. It looked to me like the kind of thing Caroline and I would use to pick out paint for the living room. Lance couldn’t really describe it to me over the phone, so he sent me a copy.

It arrived today.

When I opened it up and saw what it was, I nearly choked. Here on a single page is much of the information graphically illustrated that I’ve been trying to translate from classical French from Charles Koechlin’s Treatise on Orchestration.

What a find!

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