This is my first time in a week where I felt I could breathe a little. Since I’m finishing up Professional Orchestration 2B, I decided to compare what I’ve learned so far from Lange to Rimsky’s range chart where Rimsky breaks the registers into low, medium, high and very high, and then gives some adjectives to describe the colors.

In many places, Lange and Rimsky (both of whom were largely self taught and also geniuses in their own right) agree where the color breaks are, but in many places, Lange is more precise. Lange’s precision comes from covering the saxes when others don’t, brass and their mutes, and the individual strings of each stringed instrument.

It’s like Lange has put a microscope on the sound produced.

Caroline has loaned me a set of her good colored pencils that she uses in her drawings. I’ve colored in the range chart using Lange’s system. So now I have by range and octaves colorized where all the woodwinds blend and can be combined as colors.

What I can see so far, he’s dead on.

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