jw-triads This is the opening voicing in John Williams’ Liberty Fanfare (which you can download from iTunes): Trumpets – Trombones + French horns. The “formula” reads that the trumpets are doubled an octave below by Trombones and French horns. Musically, the D triad is in root position doubled down an octave. The top stave is assigned to the C trumpets while the bottom is assigned to three French horns and three Trombones. The C trumpet is used in the orchestra and has a slightly brighter sound. The score is written for three C trumpets, three trombones, one tuba, and four French horns. This triadic heraldic sound is written for two measures. At bar 3, the fourth French horn and the Tuba enter.

The lead trumpet is in the high register.

The lead French horn and Trombone, are in the very high registers.

The dynamic is ff.

The resultant sound is achieved by knowing how the individual brass sections sound in each register, at what dynamic level, and then combining them to create this sound.

Then there’s brass weighting.

At ff, 1 tpt = 1 trombone = 2 FHs.

Since it takes two (2) French horns at ff to equal one trumpet or trombone at ff, doubling each trombone with a French horn doesn’t cause the lower brass to be substantially out of balance with the trumpets, meaning that the lower brass would predominate. They don’t. The trumpets still predominate.

The MIDI mockup question is whether or not a single library or a combination of libraries, can emulate this sound electronically.

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