Reading the preliminary test results from other composers on the Kontakt 3.5 update beta that’s just been released suggests that the Mac Pro Nehalem is now the dominant music computer with the oft wished request of being able to do it all on one system, pretty much here.

The new 64-bit Kontakt 3.5, in standalone mode, reads all the RAM available on the Mac system. Since the Mac Pro already has a motherboard capable of installing up to 32GB of RAM, no special hardware requirements are needed. It’s ready to go. By comparison, many store-bought PCs are now shipping with a motherboard capable of handling up to 8GB of RAM. To go above that on a PC requires a server motherboard and a server case along with the ability of handling four or more hard drives.

The screenshot below, taken by Frederick Russ, owner/sponsor of the shows Kontakt 3.5 loading 384 instruments on a G5 Quad with 8GB of RAM with K3.5 in standalone mode.


To be determined is how well the drivers for existing Firewire cards work with the new Mac Pro.

Native Instruments’ new triumph also solidifies that for now,  there are three dominant sample instrument players for professionals: Kontakt, PLAY and the Vienna Instruments.

Here’s the transition test that developers with K2 players must do: test to make sure that K3.5 doesn’t break their programming, especially where heavy scripting is used.

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