If you’re getting a new laptop and you want to do music on your system, if it’s available, get the 7200RPM drive over the 5400RPM drive. You can’t be sure what tomorrow will bring and $50 is a cheap insurance policy to insure that you also have adequate power and “spin” from the hard drive to stream samples.

A few months ago I saw a customer complain about the poor performance of a particular sample library on his system. He complained on a major forum. However, he later found out that the problem was that he had 5400RPM drives. Once he replaced them with 7200RPM drives, the performance issues disappeared.

The tendency is to look at how you’re using a system today as opposed to how it might be used in six months or a year from now. I suggest you avoid that view by looking downrange and doing just a little planning. Even if a laptop is “cheap” (however you define cheap) it’s still a capital investment that can last a few years. Where possible get the faster drive, and see if you can get 4GB of RAM, too.

Ultimately, you’ll be glad you did.

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