Bloat is one of the reasons why there are so many tech support issues on both the Mac and the PC. That’s because a current operating system has to be backward compatible. The more backwards compatible an operating system must be the more bloat there is. This continues through to sequencing programs and software instruments, because if the OS has to be backwards compatible, so must the sequencing programs and software instruments.

Bloat helps set the stage for tech support nightmare.

I’ll give you an example. One day I ran across a forum where there were pages of complaints about a single program. I read through every one of the complaints. All had this in common: none of them, not one, reported with their complaint the specs for their system.

A complaint or problem must be accompanied with this information:

1. The operating system and version number of your system
2. The CPU of your system
3. The version of the sequencing program you’re using
4. The version of the software instrument you’re using (if that’s where the complaint is)

All four pieces of information, along with a cogent description of what’s happening reported in such way that tech support can duplicate the issue, must be provided so that after testing, the programmers can be brought in to review and correct the program.

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